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    4″ Selenite Charging Plate

    Selenite's calming properties will assist you in sitting in stillness and finding the deep inner peace you may be seeking. Selenite connects you with your light body and grants you awareness and the ability to understand and allow grace for yourself. 
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    Be Inspired Crystal Collection

    Using crystals and full color cards the Bee deck will remind you of all the qualities to invite into your body and soul.
  • Bedroom Set

    An often forgotten space, adding crystals to your bedroom carries the sacredness of rest and replenishing as a way to begin and end your day. 
  • Bee Cause Honey

    As if this wildflower honey wasn't sweet enough, every purchase of Bee Cause Honey helps fund the installation of bee observation hives in schools across America and beyond.
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    Bracelet Bundles

    Bracelet Bundles specially curated for your specific needs.  Choose from Protection, Calming, Balancing, and Divine Feminine.  Each collection comes with a knit cotton bag.
  • Chakra Sage Smudge Stick – 4″

    The chakra white sage is as supportive in clearing your body’s energy as your home. It can also be used as an offering on your altar if you think it’s too pretty to burn.
  • Front Door Set

    Placing these crystals by your front door enhances and protects your space. Buy one for you or for a friend as a housewarming gift.
  • Grateful Coaster

    Ceramic Coaster, Made in the USA
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    Kantha Connection Bracelets

    Each piece is made from repurposed Sari and Kantha textiles (covering a wood base)