About Us

My Healthy Life – where every moment is a celebration of your vibrant and happy self.

Our Mission

At My Healthy Life, our mission is pretty simple: we want to remind you to have fun, find joy, and stay connected with life through your mind, body, and soul. It all starts with our My Healthy Life Monthly Subscription box, which is like your personal dose of happy mail—a little reminder of the path we’re all navigating together.

We’re all about helping you live a holistic life. It’s not just about making your journey toward self-discovery, positivity, and purpose a tad easier. We’re also here to build a warm and supportive community, so you never feel like you’re going it alone on your holistic well-being journey. It’s like having a bunch of pals to share the adventure with.

Our Story

HI! and Welcome! We’re Cris & Matthew, a husband and wife duo who created My Healthy Life Monthly Subscription box after spending a year developing Grounding Journey.

Grounding Journey began in February of 2022 with our Sacred Practices Yoga Deck and a small Etsy store. Over the year we grew our product offerings, created an online summit that reached over 1000 souls across the world.

The next step came as organically as all the rest and here we are launching our newest offering – My Healthy Life Box. A monthly subscription box carefully designed to inspire a holistic approach to health and happiness.

Join us as we embrace a joyful journey of holistic living through mind, body, and spirit.