Raise the vibration of your home with crystals!

Do you use crystals to grid your house? Maybe your crystal collection is scattered throughout your home or all piled in a bowl on your table.

When I started playing with crystals, it felt overwhelming to remember what each crystal meant and how to use them. The thing is, each crystal has SO many energetic properties that it can feel confusing to remember which is for what.

I wanted to share a little with you today about how to use crystals in your home. I’ve tried Fung Shui, and it just doesn’t resonate with me. Using crystals to grid my home feels more connected for me.

We have crystals in every corner of our house. Not everyone understands… while we were on vacation once our new house sitter messaged my husband to say he found some crystals in the corner of the bathroom, and he wasn’t sure what to do with them. Had our son misplaced them?

Using crystals in the corners of your home is a way to ground your space, not to mention it brings in the energy of the crystals. ⁣You can grid the whole house (I use selenite wands in the four outer corners of the house), plus I place crystals in each corner of the main rooms in our home. (bedroom, kitchen, office, family rooms).

I have smokey Quartz at my front door. Smoky Quartz has robust grounding properties. It’s a crystal that quiets and calms energy while raising vibration and transmuting negative energy. Smoky Quartz will help alleviate and release anxiety, leaving you with a sense of emotional calmness when you return home.

Pick the energy you want for each room and add crystals. It’s pretty simple. ⁣

A great way to get started is by thinking about the rooms you spend the most time in – I started in the bedroom. Adding crystals to the corners of the bedroom and nightstand carries the sacredness of rest and replenishment as a way to begin and end the day.⁣

I like to use Rose Quartz and Amethyst to support a peaceful night’s sleep and bring love and compassion to my rest time. ⁣

I am a huge rose quartz fan and honestly I have her in every room (including a huge chunk on my desk beside me as I write this).

I invite you to play with the crystals you already have by placing them in the corners of your room. Please remember it is a sacred practice. I like to say a prayer of gratitude and set an intention as I place each crystal in my rooms.

If you haven’t played with crystals in your home and it feels like a little much – I’ve got you. I have several collections and kits to make it easy for you available on the My Healthy Life Box Shop.

Home Blessing Collection 

Your home is where your story begins, where you create and connect. It is your special space where your soul is nurtured. Crystals can enhance and protect your space. This Home Blessings Kit has been carefully created with crystals that support you and your home. Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth, a way to bring her energy into your home. This collection has everything you need to grid the four corners of your home, your bedroom, office/creative space, family room and front door.

Maybe an entire house collection isn’t what you need. We offer mini kits for the bedroom, front door, office, and creative spaces.

The bedroom kit makes a perfect gift for your favorite little one with trouble sleeping.


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