Gifts for the person that has everything

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  • 3-month Pre-pay Gift Subscription

    This 3-month Pre-pay option makes a great gift!  The recipient gets a box shipped directly to their door every month for three months, starting with our special Welcome box.
  • Be Inspired Crystal Collection

    Using crystals and full color cards the Bee deck will remind you of all the qualities to invite into your body and soul.
  • Be The Change

    This limited edition collection is packed with handpicked items, each sourced from companies that share our passion for making the world a better place. By purchasing this box, not only will you enjoy these fantastic products, but you'll also contribute to various meaningful causes.
  • Home Blessing Collection

    Carefully created to support, protect, and cleanse your home. This kit makes for the perfect housewarming gift—for someone else or yourself!
  • Love Offering

    Looking to deepen your connection with yourself and the divine? The Love Offering collection is a devotional practice to support you in setting your intention and opening your heart
  • Tibetan Tinghsa Bells – Buddha

    Very high quality Tingsha made from bell bronze.  These are embossed with Tibetan good fortune symbols. Such a beautiful addition to your alter, meditation, or yoga space
  • Tingsha & Mala Set

    You will love this beautifully boxed Tibetan Tingsha bells and fragrant real sandalwood mala set.  Quality hand carved box and heavy brass tingsha!