Be Bundle


A great combo deal on two of our most popular sellers!  The Bee Deck and Lemon Lavender Honey tea will be sure to inspire you to do great things!

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A great combo deal on two of our most popular sellers!

The Bee Deck

Using crystals and full color cards the Be Inspired Crystal Collection will remind you of all the qualities to invite into your body and soul. Two ways to use this fun and playful deck. Pull a card and read how the crystal will support you in raising your vibration, or Intuitively select a crystal you are drawn to and read the card to discover what energy to call into your soul. Either way, the crystal can be used in your meditation practice or carried with you throughout the day to inspire you to be.

Lavender Lemon Honey Tea

Clearing your mind and preparing for bed is easy with this exquisitely blended lavender and lemon tea with honey crystals. Specially crafted to give you the perfect amount of sweetness and relaxation in every cup. 


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