Bracelet Bundles


Bracelet Bundles specially curated for your specific needs.  Choose from Protection, Calming, Balancing, and Divine Feminine.  Each collection comes with a knit cotton bag.


Crystal Bracelet Bundles – A Harmony of Gemstones to Nourish Your Soul.

Protection Bundle: Embrace the power of our Protection Bundle, a collection of crystal bracelets designed to shield you from negative energies and instill a sense of safety and security. Crafted from these powerful stones: Amethyst, Lava Stone, Flourite, Kiwi Jasper, and Red Tigers Eye.  This bundle acts as a protective shield around your energy, allowing you to move through life with confidence and courage.

Calming Bundle: Our Calming Bundle offers a tranquil oasis in the midst of life’s chaos. Crafted with these soothing crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Angelite, and Amazonite.  These bracelets provide a gentle embrace of peace and relaxation. Let go of stress and anxiety as you wear these gems, and find serenity in the present moment.

Balancing Bundle: Find your equilibrium with our Balancing Bundle, an assembly of crystal bracelets that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Featuring these stones: Amethyst, Unakite, Tigers Eye, Amazonite, and Green Aventurine. This bundle aligns your energy centers, promoting overall well-being and equilibrium in your life.

Divine Feminine Bundle: Our Divine Feminine Bundle celebrates the nurturing and empowering energies of the feminine spirit. Comprising Rose Quartz, Peach Moonstone, Moss Agate and Quartz, this collection enhances your connection to your inner goddess, fostering self-love, intuition, and creativity. Embrace the beauty and strength of the divine feminine within you.

Each bundle contains a set of carefully selected crystal bracelets, thoughtfully chosen to amplify specific energies and intentions. Whether you seek protection, serenity, balance, or a deeper connection to your divine feminine energy, our Crystal Bracelet Bundles are your gateway to a harmonious and enriched life.

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Bracelet Bundles

Balancing (4mm), Protection (4mm), Calming (6mm), Divine Feminine (6mm)


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