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Carefully created to support, protect, and cleanse your home. This kit makes for the perfect housewarming gift—for someone else or yourself!

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Home Blessings Kit

Your home is where your story begins, where you create and connect. It is your special space where your soul is nurtured. Crystals can enhance and protect your space. This Home Blessings Kit has been carefully created with crystals that support you and your home. Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth, a way to bring her energy into your home.

All of our collections come with a full color detailed printed guide to help you learn about your new crystal collections. 

Front Door/Entryway

Placing larger crystals at your front door or entryway builds the energy for your home. Depending on whether you are in a home or apartment, you can place the stones inside or outside your door.

Amethyst Point—Amethyst protects from unwanted energy by transmuting the energy into love. This can be highly supportive for you when accepting guests into your home, protecting you from others’ thoughts and energy as they enter your space.

Smoky Quartz—Smoky Quartz has robust grounding properties. It’s a crystal that quiets and calms energy while raising vibration and transmuting negative energy. Smoky Quartz will help alleviate and release anxiety, leaving you with a sense of emotional calmness when you return home.

Home Office/Creative Space

When placed in the four corners of your office or the creative area of your home, Orange Selenite has the same characteristics as White Selenite but with a creative edge! The orange color brings in the energy of the sacral chakra—creative and flowing energy. It will support you by bringing a sense of peace and grounding to your space, allowing for clarity of intuition and calming of your thoughts, making room for more focused and purposeful creation in all of your work.

Corners/ Outer points of your home

Placing Selenite in the four corners of your home brings grounding energy to your space and a sense of peace. Selenite provides protection from negative energy. In addition, Selenite offers tender support for learning to trust in your path and journey, releasing restlessness and fear of the unknown. All are attributes we want in our home, making Selenite a must-have crystal for everyone.

Gridding your bedroom

Rose Quartz and Amethyst are wonderful stones for use in your bedroom. Place them in the corners of your bedroom to support your sleep and enhance loving energy. Because you spend more time in your bedroom, remember that clearing your crystals when they have absorbed lots of negative energy is essential.

Laughing Buddha

Feng Shui masters consider Laughing Buddha the prosperity Buddha and recommend placing him facing your front door. Abundance and prosperity are not only a version of monetary wealth. Often the abundance we seek and receive is an abundance of love, contentment, balance, and joy. Having a statue of Laughing Buddha will bless your home with good luck, abundance, and well wishes for all who enter.  

This Buddha is 3D printed by my son in our home one by one, rather than mass produced abroad. We tested many plastics and poses to find the right fit for this set.

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HI! We're Cris & Matthew, a husband and wife duo who created My Healthy Life Monthly Subscription Box with the intention of supporting those looking to live fully healthy lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit...and have some fun along the way! In addition to our monthly subscription box, we also have this online store selling yoga accessories and crystal collections, such as meditation and altar collections.   We even do some in-person events at holistic faires and yoga festivals.  

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Additional Information About this Product

Carefully created to support, protect, and cleanse your home. Including healing crystals to enhance and protect your space, this cleansing and protection kit makes for the perfect housewarming gift—for someone else or yourself! Perfect for beginners to crystals or spiritual practices. 

What’s Included:

  • 2 Selenite wands 
  • Large Amethyst point 
  • 2 Rose Quartz tumbled stones
  • 2 Amethyst tumbled stones
  • 1 Fire Agate
  • 1 Orange Selenite
  • 1 large Smokey Quartz 
  • 2 Palo Santo sticks—ethically and sustainably harvested
  • Buddha idol figurine—3D printed with love in our own home
  • Full color guide booklet with details on how to care for your crystals and suggestions for getting the most out of your kit.

The future of our planet is important to us at Grounding Journey which is why we have gone out of way to source all of our printed material from a company that has carbon neutral production. Plus, they are made right here in the United States, not shipped on fuel guzzling freighters from China. In addition to that, all of our packaging materials are natural and recyclable or made from recycled materials. It may cost us a little more to do business this way, but we believe in doing what's right and we hope you do too!

Fine print
*The items in this kit are natural products, and as such they will show variations and imperfections. The items you receive may be slightly different in appearance than the ones in the photos, though they are of equal quality. Embrace these items for the unique vessels they are. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.


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