Sacred Practices Yoga Deck & Yoga Mat Collection


Combination of our Sacred Practices Yoga Deck and the Yoga Mat Crystal Collection, bundled together in a real wood box for storage or display.

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Bundled in a small cotton bag easy to take with you to the studio or use at home. The four Clear Quartz Points included are a special addition to your yoga practice. Often referred to as the most potent healing crystal, each Quartz Point becomes personalized to you. It regulates by absorbing, storing, and releasing energy blockages from the subtle body. Quartz Points are an excellent accessory for unblocking your chakras and subtle body. Quartz connects you at a deep soul level to your purpose. 

The Sacred Practices Yoga Chakra Deck was created with the person in mind who has been doing yoga for years as exercise, and is looking to move more into the spiritual side of the practice. These cards can be used to build or deepen your home practice by introducing you to each of the chakras and allowing you to understand how to connect with, open, and clear each one with ease and joy through the yoga poses.

  • (# of total cards) Card Deck
    • 7 Chakra cards with an overview of the chakra on one side and a visualization exercise on the other.
    • #52 Yoga pose cards detailing which chakra each pose connects to, including alignment cues and mindful declaration affirmations.
  • Carbon Neutral Production
    • 4×6” cards printed in the USA using carbon neutral practices.
    • Natural organic cotton bag, perfect for taking on the go.

The bundle comes in a plain wood box making it a perfect gift for your favorite yogi (or yourself)!


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