Yoga Meditation Collection


Whether you’re looking to release energy or raise your vibration, the quartz points and other treasures included will provide the yogi experience you seek. 

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Elevate your yoga practice

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Clear Quartz Point

Often referred to as the most potent healing crystal.

It regulates by absorbing, storing, and releasing energy blockages from the subtle body. An excellent accessory for unblocking your chakras and subtle body. Quartz connects you at a deep soul level to your purpose. 

When the point of the crystal is direct at you, it will draw the Universe’s energy into your body and soul. When the point is directed away, it will draw energy away from your body and soul. 

Four Quartz Points are included in your collection. Placing one at each of the four corners of your mat can enhance your practice. The three ways you can use them during your practice are

1. Point all four Quartz  Points inward at you to bring in the energy of the Universe.

2. Direct two points facing inward and two facing outward to allow universal energy to flow through you.

3. Place all points facing away from your body to draw energy (stress and anxiety) away from your body and soul.

Palm stones are a great way to deepen your Shavasana.

Place one in each hand and relax your body and soul into your mat.

Selenite Palm Stone

Selenite’s deep connection to Mother Earth makes it powerful for energizing your Shavasana. It supports you by immediately opening your crown chakra, allowing you to receive messages from the Universe if you are willing. The Selenite Palm Stone offers tender support for learning to trust in your path and journey, releasing restlessness and fear of the unknown.

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Rose Quartz brings a sense of peace and love to your heart chakra by manifesting and attracting the love and compassion available to you from the Universe. It supports all levels of love—love for yourself, love for those in your life, love for the world, love for the Universe, love for the Divine, and love for the Divine within you by drawing off the negative blocks in your soul. This soft, gentle crystal is excellent for purifying and opening the heart, bringing deep inner healing.

Sandalwood Mala

The mala is a string of 108 beads. The practice of using a mala and the number 108 are sacred in Hindu, Buddhist, and Yogic traditions. They have been used in meditation and sacred ceremonies for thousands of years. Rub the 108 beads as you repeat your mantra or prayer, one bead for each repetition.

Sandalwood is used because of its strong aromatic properties. Rubbing each bead allows for the release of the aroma and its power. Sandalwood is a soothing wood with roots in ancient times. It is believed to vitalize your energy and manifest your wishes. When used in meditation, it aids in manifesting your mantras. 

Using a mala while repeating a mantra, affirmation, or mindful declaration will anchor it deep in your soul while sharing the power of your intention with the Universe.

Wearing your mala during the day is a great way to stay connected to your intention. Each time you touch or feel your mala, take a moment to repeat your statement. 

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Additional Information About this Product

Elevate your yoga practice to a higher level by surrounding your mat with crystals. Whether you're looking to release energy or raise your vibration, the quartz points and other treasures included will provide the experience you seek. Packaged in a beautiful hand carved Om box makes a perfect gift for every yogi!

What’s included:

  • 4 Clear Quartz Points
  • Selenite Palm Stone
  • Rose Quartz Palm Stone
  • Sandalwood Mala
  • Hand Carved Box
  • Full color guide card with details on how to care for your crystals and suggestions for getting the most out of your kit.


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