Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings a sense of peace and love by manifesting and attracting the love and compassion available to you from the Universe. It supports all levels of love—love for yourself, love for those in your life, love for the world, love for the Universe, love for the Divine, and love for the Divine within you by drawing off the negative blocks in your soul. 

Rose Quartz is as gentle as the pink translucent stone appears but more powerful than one can imagine until you experience its healing properties personally. Be mindful when heart work becomes intense to stay true to your healing and allow Rose Quartz to guide you.

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  • Smudge Bundles

    Save on these unique product bundles that include a high quality 4" white sage smudge stick along with a special crystal that helps you attune to your desired effect.   Choose from Calming, Connection, Protection, Healing, & Strength.
  • The Sacred Crystal Chakra Deck

    With 7 chakra crystals and 9 full-color information cards, this starter kit will teach you about these healing stones and how to use them in meditation as well as with your chakras.
  • Sacred Practices Yoga Deck & Yoga Mat Collection

    Combination of our Sacred Practices Yoga Deck and the Yoga Mat Crystal Collection, bundled together in a real wood box for storage or display.
  • Meditation Medley

    With a mix of healing crystals, smudge sticks, and a Buddha figurine, every item in this starter kit was carefully chosen for its supportive and energetic properties.
  • Yoga Bundle Bag/Crystal set

    Get this bundled deal of a high quality yoga mat bag and our special Yoga Mat crystal collection - an excellent accessory for unblocking your chakras and subtle body.
  • Heart Chakra Collection

    The Rose Quartz treasures contained in the Heart Chakra Collection are here to support and enhance you in your heart healing and opening practice. 
  • Home Blessing Collection

    Carefully created to support, protect, and cleanse your home. This kit makes for the perfect housewarming gift—for someone else or yourself!
  • Malas

    At the heart of ancient spiritual traditions, the 108-bead mala holds a special place, embodying a profound connection to the practice of Japa meditation. Crafted with care and reverence, our Traditional 108 Bead Malas are a beautiful fusion of tradition, spirituality, and mindful design.
  • Chakra Bundle

    Save with this amazing deal on our Chakra Yoga Deck and our Chakra Crystal Deck!  We also include a large Quartz crystal point and a real wood storage box!
  • Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

    Wood, Stone, & Metal Wrap Bracelet/Necklace.  Can be used as either a bracelet or a necklace.  Made with real crystal, wood, and metal fittings dipped in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver
  • Suncatcher – Monstera Leaf/Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz \ Stone of the Heart. Captured sunlight transforms into beautiful rainbows that spread joy. Crafted from brass, semi precious gemstones and crystal.
  • Travel Kit

    Whether you are driving to visit family, staying in a hotel for a few days, or renting a vacation home, the stones included in this kit will clear your space while offering protection anywhere you go. 


Bedroom Set


Be Inspired Crystal Collection

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